Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review + Giveaway: Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton (Blog Tour Stop)

Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton
Series: The Witch Avenue Series #1
Publisher: Self-Published
First published: June 29th, 2012
Source: Received from author
Format: eBook
Pages: 290
Goodreads Summary:
It’s two weeks before Triss turns 18, and her world is about to change into the most magical one imaginable as she readies herself to enter The Witch Avenue Order... that is until her mother’s disappearance. Instead of celebrating her transformation, she finds herself spreading rose petals into her mother’s empty grave.

When Logan, her best friend from junior high, moves back to town for college, he vows to help her find the answers she so desperately seeks surrounding her mother’s disappearance. As they begin uncovering clues, it becomes apparent that the life of white magic they both grew up loving is not what the majority practices, and their lives are in danger.

With a haunting feeling that her mother may still be alive, she begins to hear a call to the wilderness. Triss realizes that in order to find the answers she needs, she must learn the ways of her ancestors and become the hunter, not the hunted before it’s too late, and she becomes part of the lonely souls.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

First thoughts:
With intriguing magical elements, Lonely Souls turned out to be a fast and easily captivating read about a young girl whose life changes within a few moments. Even though I didn't really fall in love with the characters, I liked witnessing their stories and am looking forward to accompany them on their journey in the second book of this series.

More detailed:
As someone who enjoys novels about witches but has not read nearly enough, I was looking forward to reading Lonely Souls a lot and I wasn't disappointed. Karice Bolton has created a magical world full of betrayal and fear, but with heart-warming love and romance as well. 

After Triss' mother disappeares, her life is turned upside down - not only by her worries, but also by a certain cute guy who tries to tear down the walls she has built around her heart. Triss is a strong female main character without being too harsh and unemotional, but not whiny either. I felt sorry for her during more than one occasion, but she always manages to pick herself up and continues to fight.

The plot moves forward quite constantly and never stagnates, giving us new things to think about in almost every chapter. I really liked getting to know new aspects of the magical world Triss grew up in and some people she thought she knew so well. The love story is present all the time as well, but without distracting from the main plot too much - sweet, heart-breaking and a little bit addicting.

Nonetheless I don't feel like rating Lonely Souls higher than 3.5 stars. Sadly this is one of these cases where I don't even have an explanation for my rating - I just lacked a certain connection to Triss and her world that would have made me fall in love with this story completely.

But all in all, I definitely want to recommend Lonely Souls because I enjoyed it and kept turning its pages fast until the very end. I'm also already looking forward to the second installment in this series and hope to find out more about the mysteries Triss is confronted with. If you're looking for a new magical world to delve into, put Lonely Souls on your to-read list.

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  1. Ooh, this sounds quite lovely actually. I'd definitely want to check it out!

  2. Oh this sounds great and I love the cover! Yes I'm shallow like this! And.. I totally know what you mean sometimes it is not easy to put a finger on exactly why you didn't enjoy it more! Still - loved your review :)

  3. Love the cover and this sounds really good!

  4. the cover is beutifull and thanks for this giveaway xoxo

  5. I love the necklace and I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  6. Any of the prizes sound fantastic. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  7. Where could I buy the arrowhead necklace?

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