Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cover Comparisons #63: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Living in Germany gives me the perfect opportunity to compare original covers with the ones German publishers choose. Sometimes they're gorgeous, sometimes they make me cringe, but it's always interesting to see different covers for the same novel.

Cover Comparisons is a weekly feature here at Fictional Distraction.

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
(US / GER)
You can click on each cover to enlarge it.

I was never really a huge fan of the US version, because it was always the summary that made me want to read the Mythos Academy series (which, sadly, I haven't yet). But to be honest, the German cover seriously creeps me out with just the cover model's eyes and a bit of her nose visible. What I also don't like that they changed the title and used the German translation of Kiss of Frost for book one, which is slightly confusing, considering it's the English title for book #2.

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  1. Despite what you said, I still like the German one better! My main complain, the eyes look too old. I bet this model was not a young girl. Other than this I love the cover, the US one is boring and generic!

  2. The German one is cool but I like the US one more.

  3. I think the US cover is okay but I definitely like the German one better. It feels more mystical which I like.


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