Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cover Comparisons #56: Renegade by J.A. Souders

Living in Germany gives me the perfect opportunity to compare original covers with the ones German publishers choose. Sometimes they're gorgeous, sometimes they make me cringe, but it's always interesting to see different covers for the same novel.

Cover Comparisons is a weekly feature here at Fictional Distraction.

Renegade by J.A. Souders
(US / GER)

Please tell me that choosing your favorite of these two is as difficult for you as it is for me! Ever since J.A. Souders revealed the German cover on her blog last week (here) and I knew that I'd feature it in this week's Cover Comparison, I tried to find out which version I like better, but it's impossible. I love the fairytale like feel of the US cover, but at the same time I really like rather simple but eye-catching composition of the German version. Looks like this is another comparison that you'll have to decide for me!

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Which cover did you vote for? Why do you prefer it?
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  1. It's so hard to choose!! Seriously, I love them both...
    But if I were to match it with the summary, I think I'd go for the German version. >.<

  2. I like the German cover more than the US. :D

  3. They are both beautiful. :) But I prefer the US version :D

  4. I actually prefer the german cover. Has the awesome factor for me! :)

  5. I had no idea that you lived in Germany, Carina! Germany's one of the many places on my List of Places to Travel to When I Graduate (along with most of Europe LOL but the whole continent just looks so beautiful!), and it's so cool how you get to live there everyday! :) And it's so hard to choose a favourite when both of these are just so gorgeous! I agree that the US seems more like a fairytale, but I actually think that I like the German one a bit better because it's simple yet completely beautiful!

    I just love looking at gorgeous covers LOL! Thanks so much for sharing these, Carina! :) <3

  6. Oh my god! That German cover is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it. :o No doubt which one I choose today!!

  7. I really like them both, but I have to say that the German cover looks more unique to me. It pops more in my opinion too. So I chose that one. I love it. Really pretty. Well, both of them are actually. :)
    Hope you're having a fantastic week!


  8. Oh my freaking gooodness! I love and adore the German cover soo much!! And.. nooo I'm not biased;) But seriously a book with the German cover I would pick up, but the US one never spoke to me.. It just looks so photoshopped ;(

  9. I lie boyh of them but my favorite is the german cover.

  10. I prefer the German one, which is gorgeous. There's something a bit off about the US one- the font is really weird looking.


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