Sunday, April 22, 2012

IMM substitute: The TBR-pile of insanity [physical edition]

Trying to fill the void that a weekly IMM post leaves once you actually don't get any books, I decided to follow Nickey's (The Book Shop Assistant) idea and show you my physical tbr-pile. I'm stressing the word "physical" because I have just as much unread books on my Kindle as well. This post is just showing me how good it is that I didn't receive any new books this week - this pile is insane.

Any ideas how to tackle it? What books should I read first? What did you love, what did you hate?

You can click on each photo to enlarge it. Have fun laughing at my inability to stop myself from getting new books. :D

What does your TBR-pile look like?

P.s.: I used this opportunity to re-organize my shelf. YAY!


  1. Haha, you're not alone - I buy loads of new books, too, and ignore my TBR-pile. Yay for not getting any this week :p

    You should definitely read This Lullaby, Dear Bully, and Before I Fall - all three are favorites of mine. And Catching Fire and Mockingjay, too, of course. I've also read In Too Deep and The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - those two were okay, in my opinion, but I didn't love them.

    Hope you get to work on your TBR a little this week! Happy reading :)

  2. Carina, I'm practically gaping when I see the SUPER HUGE pile of your TBR pile! No wonder you don't even bother mention the books one by one LOL. Oh well, no one can resist the urge to buy more books than we can read right? ;)

    Slated looks amazing! And you really have to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay! <3 I love Graceling, and I ADORE If I Stay! :)

    Happy reading, Carina! Good luck reading all the awesome pile! x)

  3. Oh, wow! You've got a lot to read girl! And so I am, you're not the only one! I definitely see great books: Cinder, Graceling, Ballad, Switched, City of Fallen Angels... enjoy!

    My IMM

  4. My TBR is bigger than yours!

    I suggest you to read: Hunger Games books, House of night books, City of fallen angels and If I stay.
    I read but didn't love Switched, Graceling and Ballad so and so.
    I've on my TBR too Cinder, Before I fall, Between shades of grey and Wither, while the others are all in my wishlist.

  5. What a lovely pile of books! :) But I'm the same! :)

    I suggest the House of Night books, too! :)


    My IMM:

  6. You have to read Before I fall, Wolfsbane and Hunting Lila! I loved these books.
    Well, you should read some more books so I'll know if they're worth it LOL.

    Loved you TBR, it's definitely awesome (and HUGE!).

  7. You've got a lot of gem waiting to be found in there, Carina. Graceling and Fire is practically waving at you. And If I Stay is looking forlorn down there. Gotta read! Read Catching Fire and Mockingjay as well! You can skip the House of Night series, though. Just saying! :D

  8. WOW... you are a girl after my own heart! I have piles that can rival yours so please don't feel bad. I honestly do not think I will ever run out of books to read... I did, however see The Hunger Games books in there and READ THEM!!

    Here is my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

  9. OMG! I only have one advice, it's what I do to 'control' my TBR pile, finish a series before starting a new one :)

  10. Oh god, this is huge! But probably my TBR pile would look the same :D I just don't put all the books on it togehter so I don't freak out :D Luckily I don't have an eReader, otherwise it would be worse.
    I don't know too many of the books on your pile, but I strongly recommend you to read the Hunger Games books as well as "If I stay" and the Sarah Dessen book you have.
    I usually tackle my TBR pile by reading as many different things as I can. Whenever I finish a fantasy novel, I choose the next book from another genre so I don't get bored :) Maybe that would help you?
    Anyway, having many books on the TBR pile isn't bad, so I wish you lots of fun!

  11. Lol! Mines around the same but I have far less on my Kindle than you!

    Ones I loved: Scorpio Races (one of my top YA books ever - its so beautiful!), Before I Fall (another favourite) and Cinder and Hunting Lila are good fun as well :D

    Ones I hated: Supernaturally, Wither.

    Does that help at all lol? (Probably not)

  12. Okay, I thought my pile was bad. LOL.
    If you want a contemporary: This Lullaby. Dystopian? Try Cinder.
    I also see that you have a lot of book #2's in there (Wolfsbane, Supernaturally, Wings of the Wicked, Catching Fire.) Those can jam up your TBR if you're feeling rusty on the details of book one.
    Good luck with it!!!!

  13. OH MY GOD That is insane. Where do you store this!? I agree with Scorpio Races, one of the best books I have read in a while. I was not a fan of Hocking's Torn, but everyone else seems into them.

    There are a lot worse things out there than such an awesome TBR pile :-)

  14. Mine is just as big! LOL.
    Have fun!!

  15. My dear, seeing that your pile is so huge with so many awesomeness, I thought I could help you a bit in deciding what to read next XD

    Among all those book, I really recommend you to pick up asao CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS OMH MY GOD HOW COME U HAVENT READ IT YET???? and then pick up GRACELING!!!! HOLY COW!! THIS ONE IS A MUST AND YOU SHOULD READ IT NOW!! XDDD

    The rest can wait until you read those two ^.^

    have a beautiful day!!

    Dazzling Reads

  16. Wow so many books lol! I hope you get a lot of reading done soon! Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  17. Awww, WOW! OMG I'm stunned!! OMG. These are LOTS of books :) I've read lots of them :P Lots still haven't :P Great mailbox! Enjoy all your amazing books this week ;) :)

  18. Haha what a crazy pile! but, seriously mine migth look just the same. From all the awesome books on this pile
    Wings of Wicked just jumped my eye. I LOVED this book so freaking much, it was full of heartbreak and action, it was even better than the first!

  19. My TBR pile looks just as bad but only on Kindle. I quit buying paperbacks completely. Have fun with your reading!

    A to Z of Immortals, Myths & Legends

  20. It feels so good to know that I'm not alone with my monster! LOL
    So about what to read: Are you seriously telling me you haven't read The Near Witch yet? That's my #1 recommendation!! Also, go for: This Lullaby, The Fine Art of Truth or Dare, Falling Under of Graceling! I really loved those :)


  21. SO many awesome books! I don't even know where to start, but I think maybe City of Fallen Angels because the next book comes out in a couple weeks! But I also enjoy the Wither books and the rest of The Hunger Games series! :)

  22. This nothing compared to mine *hangs head in shame*. Though, I am on a book buying ban, so maybe there is light behind the mountain range on unread books!

  23. Niiiiiiiiiiice!

    What I loved: Catching Fire and Mockingjay. LALALOVE! But I vote for CINDER for you to read it asap because it's SO good!
    Before I Fall is one of my all time favorite books, so I'd recommend that one, too :)

    What I really liked: Slated, Slide, Eve, This Lullaby

    What I hated: House of Night. I read the first two and liked them, but the third was ridiculous and I couldn't even finish it.

    Also, you should see my TBR - yours is tiny in comparision! I'd like a pile like yours. They look great together, too!

    Happy reading :)

  24. I thought I was alone in this. Now I don't feel so bad. My TBR pile is huge, too. How you set my mind at ease, girl LOL.

    And I have no advice on how to tackle it because I have no idea on how to tackle mine. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and conflicted because I don't know which one I should start first, haha.

    I also spot that we have some of the same books in our TBR pile: Mistwood, City of Fallen Angels, Touch of Frost etc.

  25. Wow, that's seriously HUGE TBR pile but dang pretty :D. My head would spin to choose which one I should read first. I also have some unread books from your pile. Let see... Maybe you should read Catching Fire and Mockingjay because it's from famous Hunger Games series. Then City of Fallen Angel, since City of Lost Soul will be released soon.
    Hope you can choose which one to read first,and can't wait for your opinion of these :D
    Happy reading!

  26. Yet another enormous TBR pile! It's so wonderful to gaze upon though, isn't it? :) Ooh! Is that a paperback copy of The Scorpio Races I see? That was one incredible book, so I recommend you read that one next. I also really enjoyed Shattered Souls, so you can't go wrong with that one either. Last week, I got Between Shades of Gray, so I'm hoping to read that one soon. Enjoy all of your beautiful books!

  27. Can I just say how DECEPTIVELY manageable your pile is compared to mine? Bright side, you got to organize your shelves...that's good, isn't it? Have a great week, Carina :)

  28. Allllllllllllllllllllright, that is A LOT of books... and I was feeling overwhelmed with my (tiny in comparison) tbr-pile!

    Good luck with these. I see a few titles I'd love to read myself. Actually, most of it. Ha. ;)

    Here's my IMM. ♥
    Agnieszka @ A Nook Full of Books

  29. I´ve read and loved: If I Stay, Angel & Angel Fire, Catching Fire and Cinder.

  30. That's a huge TBR pile...of awesomeness! Enjoy Cinder, I love that book! x)

  31. This makes me feel better about my own TBR pile, which I've managed to work down by not buying any new books in *gasp* a month! It also means as soon as I get through it, there's about 100 books that I want that have since come's never-ending! lol

    As for what to read first, my vote's for Cinder! And Graceling!

    Radiant Shadows

  32. I'm there with you girl! ;))) I'm only about 10 books behind from your physical tbr and just as bad with ebooks :) i think you can just use to choose a book to read, it will be probably easier that way

  33. This is how I am doing it: You're on Goodreads, right? I pick the latest book I added to my to-read shelve and create a pile like: Old, new (random book I want to read immendiatly), old, new,...

  34. My TBR pile is probably about just as bad as this. I also have a book buying problem. I have so many books I need to get to and series that I need to start but no time to do it. I'm hoping to cut down on my TBR pile a lot this summer.

  35. If I Stay, Before I Fall, Catching Fire... Those were amazing. I should take a picture of my TBR so we can all give each other the kick in the pants we need to knock it down a little bit. ;)

  36. How can I not comment on how huge that is ? Wow, it's massive ! Um, I say go for Cinder if you can.

  37. Wow... Mine's looking pretty similar though ;P You really must read Supernaturally, Catching Fire and Mockingjay soon - they are AMAZING :D Wither is a gorgeous book, as is The Near Witch :D Hope you get a lot of them read soon-ish ;D

  38. WOW that is A LOT of books! :D Good luck getting through that all. ;) I say start with Before I Fall or If I Stay. Both of those books were beautiful reads and I hope you'll love them as much as me! I also spy Hunting Lila and City of Fallen Angels in your stack there. Also great reads! :)

  39. All I can say is Wow. That's crazy. Crazy but amazing!

  40. That's quite a TBR pile!! Looks like fun! LOL is Clockwise? I have it for review, hoping to fit into the reading schedule sometime soon!

  41. Wow this is a really good idea... I may just do this the next time I have a really slow week in books. By the way, I think all of our piles look like this :O Happy reading!

    The Reader's Antidote

  42. O my gosh! Help! Carina! I'm drowning 'coz of all those books! LOL.

    Tsk. tsk. tsk. I think it's time for an intervention... for all of us. It's sooo hard to control one's self from book splurging. But look on the bright side, you got your shelf reorganized. That's a good thing... right? ^_^

    I can't possibly give you any advice on what to read first, they're all so distracting!!! Even I don't know where I'd begin.

    Anyway, enjoy them all. Happy reading!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  43. This is terrifying and beautiful all at once. I'm so envious.

  44. Wow, you have some seriously awesome books! :D And there are so many that I could recommend!! Between Shades of Grey was amazing but a total tear-jerker, you really need to read the entire Hunger Games series (at the very least to say that you did!) and I haven't actually read it myself yet but I've heard some awesome thing about the Catastrophic History. :D Good luck and happy reading!

  45. Oh my gosh!!! How I wish I can have that many books to read! *super envy* I see Hunting Lila!! <3

    Anyway, enjoy them all! It's going to take quite some time I think to clear that pile. :D Happy reading!

    Here's my IMM

  46. That made me feel a little better about my TBR pile which is equally enormous and worrying. I might take a picture of mine too, it might shame me into reading more!

  47. Uhm, wow :D So many books to read. My tbr pile is probably just as big. But I can't take a picture of them; because they are mixed in my bookshelves (A) :D But omg! I love these. Thank you so much for sharing :D I would suggest starting with Graceling by Kristin Cashore ;) Best book. <3 Then you read The Scorpio Races! My third best book, I think. Divergent is number 1, Graceling number 2, and then I think it is The Scorpio Races :D A must read, at least. Then there is Cinder! My 4th or 5th best book ;) READ IT! Eve is also really great. City of Fallen Angels is a must. As is Wither and Fever. And The Space Between is awesome. And Fateful is also great :D The Near Witch and Sweet Venom are good books; not great, but good reads :) Catching Fire and Mockingjay.. Well, they are a must if you have read The Hunger Games :) Sorry for this long reply :D Just wanted to share my thoughts with you ;D Hih :) <3 Enjoy reading them all!

  48. Oh, you've got some really great ones in there! I am a huge Maggie Stiefvater fan so Ballad and The Scorpio Races are high on that list. I found Scorpio Races to be enthralling and magical and I was just lost in that world for two whole days. And one whole night. Ha ha.

    Graceling was also fantastic, although it had a slow start, by the middle I couldn't but it down!

    Umm... wow, so many books! I kind of want to tackle that pile with you! :) Happy reading!


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