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Review: Heaven by Christoph Marzi

Heaven by Christoph Marzi
Publisher: Orchard Books 
First published: February 2nd, 2012
Source: Received from publisher
Format: ARC
Pages: 384
Goodreads Summary:
The night that Heaven lost her heart was cold and moonless. But the blade that sliced it out was warm with her dark blood...

David Pettyfer is taking a shortcut over the dark rooftops of London's brooding houses, when he literally stumbles across Heaven: a strange, beautiful, distraught girl who says that bad men have stolen her heart. Yet she's still alive...

And so begins David and Heaven's wild, exciting and mysterious adventure - to find Heaven's heart, and to discover the incredible truth about her origins.

Part thriller, part love story and part fairy tale, this brilliantly original novel from a bestselling German author will take your breath away...

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

First thoughts:
This story turned out to be as fairytale-like as expected. Christoph Marzi created a magical world that is both beautiful and imaginative and will leave its readers wanting more. While I had a few problems with the pacing, I loved the plot and the lore which is used in Heaven and that always made me want to continue reading. If you're looking for a modern fairytale, this could be the right one for you.

More detailed:
Heaven is a book that makes me curious to find more works of its author. It has originally been written in German, and while I had planned to compare this translation with the original, I sadly couldn't do so yet. But of course I enjoyed it nonetheless and especially liked its magical and fairytale-like feeling.

I have to admit that the beginning was a bit too slow-paced for my taste and the narration made it a bit hard for me to connect with the characters immediately. Heaven is told by a third-person narrator from David's point of view and while I love reading books from a male POV, it took a while for me to truly care about David and Heaven.

Nonetheless they are very intriguing characters who you can't help but sympathize with once you get to know them more. David has had a difficult past, but despite that he manages to ignore his own fears and problems and help Heaven deal with the danger she suddenly finds herself in. And while you only get to know her from David's point of view, it's hard not to like a girl like Heaven.

Most of the other characters are either good or evil and even though I'm not a fan of one-dimensional characters, it worked well with Heaven's fairytale-like composition. The things David and Heaven experience are crazy, but I loved how Christoph Marzi managed to incorporate the paranormal elements in an almost realistic and very believable way.

All in all, I ended up liking Heaven a lot. Sadly it took a while for me to get into the story and while I didn't want to put it away during the second half, I had some trouble getting through the first half of the book. But once you start caring for these characters, you will turn the pages as fast as possible to find out whether everything will turn out alright.

Click here for more information about Heaven and read its first chapter.

Have you read Heaven? What did you think about it?
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  1. I've seen this book in shops, and it really looks good. I'm always on the look out for modern fairy tales, so this definitely looks like my kind of thing. I'll keep in mind that I shouldn't give up on it!

  2. This sounds neat. I typically like faster paced books but I find it I can care for the characters a slow pace is not so bad. Great review Carina!

  3. This sounds interesting. I am not sure how I feel about the slow pace but I think I will still add it to my TBR pile. Thanks for the review.

  4. Ooh I have this (not for review) but I was gifted a copy so I'm super excited to read it. It really does sound interesting and I'm I'll be able to enjoy the slower parts. Donna xoxox


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