Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cover Comparisons #45: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Living in Germany gives me the perfect opportunity to compare original covers with the ones German publishers choose. Sometimes they're gorgeous, sometimes they make me cringe, but it's always interesting to see different covers for the same novel.

Cover Comparisons is a weekly feature here at Fictional Distraction.

Last week's winner is the US cover of A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
(US Hardback / UK Hardback + US Paperback / GER)

This is another book I haven't read yet, but only because I loved Hush, Hush so much and was scared to ruin it by continuing the series (read quite a few mixed things about the sequels). But by now I'm definitely thinking about reading the other books as well - probably once book #4 has been released.

I really like all of these covers, although I prefer the US hardback to the UK HB / US PB version, because the black and white colour scheme makes it look a lot more mysterious. But in the end, I think that I like the German cover best, because its colours, typography and picture just look most gorgeous (in my opinion).

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  1. Totally the original US cover! I love the colors and it's just "hush,hush" for me! Love these books:))

  2. I've only read Hush, Hush as well, but have been wanting to pick up the sequels. I actually had a hard time picking between the first two covers. I really like the first one because the muted black/whites/grays just fits so perfectly. But ultimately I chose the second one; I'm not sure why I just really pulled towards that one. I like the colors but I like the title placement better on the first cover.

  3. My favorite's also the US hardback. I think they "mesh" better than the UK, which seems like the girl was just pasted in the sky (different light... that kind of think) but yeah, I'm adoring the German font! :)

  4. As cool as I think the US covers are, and they're probably better suited to the story line (wouldn't know since I've only read book one!) but the third one is very pretty.


  5. I picked the first one! Totally cool and the shades of black really brought out the whole cover. And red is pretty striking against the black shades.

    - Michelle


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