Friday, February 17, 2012

Challenge: March 2012 Review Copy Cleanup

I'm joining the
March 2012 Review Copy Cleanup

Vicky and Celine had the lovely idea to dedicate March 2012 to cleaning up your pile of review books. They have planned a fun month with challenges to motivate us (and themselves, of course) to finally read all of the review books that are currently collecting dust... no matter whether they are physical copies / ARCs or eBooks.

After having lost so much reading time to my exams, this is the perfect opportunity for me to finally read all (or at least a big part) of my review books - especially eBooks and eGalleys (sooo many NetGalley books!). 

For more information and to join the fun, go here or here to sign up!

Are you going to be a part of this challenge?

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  1. Thanks for signing up! :) I'm glad you're joining us! xxx


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