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Review: dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman

dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
First published: November 15th, 2011
Source: NetGalley
Format: eARC
Pages: 248
Goodreads Summary:
A friend posted a video of me dancing online and now I'm now longer Alicia Ruffino. I'm dancergirl—and suddenly it's like me against the world—everyone's got opinions.

My admirers want more, the haters hate, my best friend Jacy—even he's acting weird. And some stranger isn't content to just watch anymore.

Ali, dancergirl. Whatever you know me as, however you've seen me online, I've trained my whole life to be the best dancer I can be. But if someone watching has their way, I could lose more than just my love of dancing.

I could lose my life.

My Rating: 4.0 / 5

First thoughts:
Especially towards the end this novel's creepiness picked up and made it impossible to stop reading until I found out who was stalking Alicia. While reading I was never sure whom to suspect since so many people could have been the stalker. This is definitely a very exciting novel with a few surprises!

More detailed:
dancergirl conveys a very important message: Nowadays people are very careless about the things they publish on the internet, never thinking twice about any possible consequences. Carol M. Tanzman's novel highlights this problem, sketching out a scary but believable scenario by telling us Alicia's story.

I have to admit that, at first, I struggled to connect to Alicia. While I adored her love for dancing right from the beginning, I didn't really care about her story immediately. But after a few chapters I got to know her better and started to like her more, enabling me to relate to her. And that was also the moment I got scared for her, crossing my fingers that nothing too bad would happen.

An aspect I immensely enjoyed about dancergirl were the secondary characters, especially her best friends Jacy, Sonya and Clarissa. It was obvious how they cared about each other despite their differences and I loved how everyone tried to help Alicia when her life was turned upside down by her stalker. But I also loved characters like Samantha and Cisco since they ensured a great diversity. Carol M. Tanzman managed to create believeable, round secondary characters, which cannot be found in too many novels.

All in all, I think dancergirl is a novel everyone should read since it addresses a very complicated problem which is getting more present and dangerous every day. Alicia's story is a fast read, a fact created by Carol M Tanzman's beautiful writing, which is especially intriguing during the dancing scenes. I really enjoyed this and believe that many other will like it as well.

Next book in the series:

2. Circle of Silence (August 2012)

Have you read dancergirl? What did you think about it?
Do you plan to read it?


  1. Great review Carina this was really creepy especially that it happens so often! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Oh it has a sequel? I did not know that! Anyway thanks for your review Carina! This definitely sounds like a book that will entertain and make you think.

    Du Livre

  3. I can't wait to read this, I'm so behind with all my net galley books and need to get on them fast... I'm a horrible person, but I love mysteries and this sounds like it will be a chilling one! Glad to see that you enjoyed it and can't wait to finally start it... soon!

    Nomalicious Reads

  4. Great review, i so love contemporary realistic fiction

  5. I haven't read this yet, but everyone seems to love it! It sounds like an intriguing read. I'll have to check this out sometime. Great review, Carina.

  6. Definitely a great review! I agree that it's something many don't think about and I find it extra creepy because of it. I'm so curious about it, I'm sure I'll pick it up sometimes in the near future!

  7. This book has been on my radar for weeks now. I just find the story really relevant, what will all the talented people getting discovered on sites like YouTube. Great review! I'd definitely look for this one on our local bookstores. :)

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books


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