Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cover Comparisons #33: Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Living in Germany gives me the perfect opportunity to compare original covers with the ones German publishers choose. Sometimes they're gorgeous, sometimes they make me cringe, but it's always interesting to see different covers for the same novel.

Cover Comparisons is a weekly feature here at Fictional Distraction.

Last week's winner is the German cover of Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky.

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes
(US / GER)

I have a copy of the very pretty US version of Falling Under sitting on my shelf and it has been waiting for me to pick it up way too long now. But with the upcoming release of its sequel I definitely need to pick it up soon.
I love everything about the US cover: the roses, the font, title and author placement and how the red dress gives a little bit more life to the whole composition. Sadly I don't really like the German version: the girl's face is weirdly cropped and looks a little bit out of place, in my opinion. The pink writing can't really break through the darkness and everything is dominated by the floral pattern. So I'm definitely voting for the US version!

Which version do you like best?
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  1. Yeah, I'm definitely a fan of the U.S. version. I'm not a fan of half-faces on my covers! :P
    - Lauren

  2. To be honest I don't like either of the covers. o: I know, I'm weird! But it's just something missing on the US one, even if I do prefer it a lot better than the German! That weird face photo is definitely odd, lol. I love these posts, so fun seeing the German ones!

  3. I do have to say I prefer the US cover! It looks gorgeous & I also have that cover too!

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  4. Oh the US one is def. my favorite. I love the red on her dress it really pops out.

    Xpresso Reads

  5. I really like the US cover more. Something about the Germany's cover bugs me...and I think it's because of only 1/4 the face is showing. :( Doesn't draw me in as much as the US one!


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