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Review: Swoon by Nina Malkin

Swoon by Nina Malkin
Publisher: Simon Pulse
First published: May 19th, 2009
Source: Bought
Pages: 421 (Paperback)
Goodreads Summary:
Torn from her native New York City and dumped in the land of cookie-cutter preps, Candice is resigned to accept her posh, dull fate. Nothing even happens in Swoon, Connecticut...until Dice's perfect, privileged cousin Penelope nearly dies in a fall from an old tree and her spirit interwines with that of a ghost. His name? Sinclair Youngblood Powers. His mission? Revenge and while Pen is obvious to the possession, Dice is all too aware of Sin. She's intesely drawn to him but not at all crazy abolut the havoc he's wreaking.

Determined to exorcise the demon, Dice accidentally sets Sin loose, gives him flesh, makes him formidable. Now she must destroy an even more potent and irresistible adversary before the whole town succumbs to Sin's will. Only trouble is, she's in love with him.

What do you do when the boy of your dreams is too bad to be true?

My Rating: 2.5 / 5

First thoughts: 
While Swoon is based on a unique idea, I just couldn't get into it and even put it on hold to read other books. The main reason for my 2.5 rating is Nina Malkin's writing style which is quite different from anything I've ever read before - otherwise I probably would have rated this even lower. And I should warn you that it includes many sexual references which might not be for everyone.

More detailed:
Swoon had been on my to-read list for a while until I finally decided to get a copy. I had read many mixed reviews about this novel which is why I always put off reading it again and again. But then I got Simon & Schuster's GalleyGrab August newsletter and it contained an eGalley of the sequel Swear. Having access to the second novel made me decide that I should give Swoon a chance.

But sadly I don't think that I'll be reading Swear anytime soon. While the basic idea for this story is unique and really got me intrigued, I just didn't like the way it was presented. Sinclair, who has been awfully wronged in the past and has a every right to want revenge, exacts this in a disagreeable manner. He is presented as a swoon-worthy love interest, but I didn't even feel sorry for his past.

Swoon's main character Candice, called Dice by her friends, fell flat for me, too. Even though the story is told from her point view by a first-person narrator, I couldn't build a connection to her and never really understood her motivations. She's constantly talking about how much she loves Sinclair even though he is doing awful things, and that she should actually try to stop him. But despite this being repeated over and over again, I never really believed her.

I knew beforehand that Swoon is dealing very openly with sexual topics and that Sin's revenge is concentrated on embarrassing the town's inhabitants by making them act promiscuously. It didn't really bother me but I never saw the deeper meaning in Sinclair's actions. While the people behaved differently all of sudden, no one ever felt really ashamed for what they did or what happened - but shouldn't they if Sinclair's mission is revenge?

The only positive aspect about this novel for me was Nina Malkin's writing. Despite everything it made reading this book fun from time to time, even though I sometimes had to consult a dictionary. Her writing style is very unique, incorporating many unsual, and for a German girl like me sometimes very foreign, words, but it flowed easily. I also appreciated her humor that lightened up many scenes and made me laugh.

All in all, Swoon wasn't the right book for me. Despite the mixed reviews I had read before, I was a little bit disappointed, because I had still hoped that I would like it better than other people. But I'm not saying that you shouldn't give this book a chance. It's different from anything else and maybe you'd like it (read the first chapter here on Nina Malkin's website).

Following book in the series:

2. Swear (Oct 18th, 2011)

Have you read Swoon? What did you think about it?

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  1. I won a signed copy of this and its sequel, ive heard good stuff about it so i was exctied to read it! i'll start reading it with an open mind and hopefully itll be good

    - juhina


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