Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Expected Publication: September 13th, 2011
Source: GalleyGrab
Pages: 320
Goodreads Summary:
Pearl is a sixteen-year-old vampire... fond of blood, allergic to sunlight, and mostly evil... until the night a sparkly unicorn stabs her through the heart with his horn. Oops.

Her family thinks she was attacked by a vampire hunter (because, obviously, unicorns don't exist), and they're shocked she survived. They're even more shocked when Pearl discovers she can now withstand the sun. But they quickly find a way to make use of her new talent. The Vampire King of New England has chosen Pearl's family to host his feast. If Pearl enrolls in high school, she can make lots of human friends and lure them to the King's feast -- as the entrees.

The only problem? Pearl's starting to feel the twinges of a conscience. How can she serve up her new friends—especially the cute guy who makes her fangs ache—to be slaughtered? Then again, she's definitely dead if she lets down her family. What's a sunlight-loving vamp to do?

My Rating: 4.0 / 5

What I thought about it:
Drink, Slay, Love is a vampire novel that is completely different than any other I've read before. These vampires are different - they are not the ones that try to be good and not endanger humanity. No, these are evil and they're proud of it. And while it took a while to get used to this other kind of vampires, it turned out to be what I enjoyed most about this book.

Our main character Pearl, who is one of the above-mentioned vampires, is very self-confident, witty and an incredibly refreshing person to read about. The story is told by a third person narrator from her point of view and it was lovely to see how she changed during the novel. While she survived her life-threatening encounter a unicorn, it seems to have turned her life upside down.

I also loved reading about the secondary characters. While the vampire aunts, uncles and cousins never failed to amuse me, I really started to care about the humans Pearl met. The people she's befriending in high school are amazing and while all of them are completely different characters, I loved that each of them had their own impact on Pearl's developing conscience (especially the very hot Evan).

But I also have to admit that I struggled with the beginning a little bit. I think I just had a hard time adjusting to the new kind of vampires, because once I read a few chapters, I started to love this novel and its very refreshing way of narration. So, if you might have the same problem in the beginning, don't give up on this, because the more I read, the more I liked it.

All in all, Drink, Slay, Love was a fantastic story with a wonderful new take on vampires. I don't know whether there will ever be a sequel, but I'm definitely hoping for it. The way this novel ended leaves room for a new story set in this world and I'd love to see more of those characters. 

Have you read Drink, Slay, Love? What did you think about it?


  1. Finally a book with mean vampires! I'm really looking forward to reading this. Great review!

    Giselle at Xpresso Reads

  2. No, Carina... take it back, take it back or else I have to buy another book LOL.

    Great review ;)

  3. I had this book, and didn't get to finish it! I'm definitely going to get a copy as soon as I can, because I was really enjoying it. :) Great review, Carina!

  4. I'm waiting for this to arrive, I can't wait to read it now.


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