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Review: Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
First published on: May 25th, 2010
Pages: 294

Goodreads Summary:
Dana Hathaway doesn’t know it yet, but she’s in big trouble.  When her alcoholic mom shows up at her voice recital drunk, again, Dana decides she’s had enough and runs away to find her mysterious father in Avalon: the only place on Earth where the regular, everyday world and the captivating, magical world of Faerie intersect. But from the moment Dana sets foot in Avalon, everything goes wrong, for it turns out she isn't just an ordinary teenage girl—she's a Faeriewalker, a rare individual who can travel between both worlds, and the only person who can bring magic into the human world and technology into Faerie.
 Soon, Dana finds herself tangled up in a cutthroat game of Fae politics. Someone's trying to kill her, and everyone seems to want something from her, from her newfound friends and family to Ethan, the hot Fae guy Dana figures she’ll never have a chance with… until she does.  Caught between two worlds, Dana isn’t sure where she’ll ever fit in and who can be trusted, not to mention if her world will ever be normal again…

My Rating: 4.0 / 5

What I thought about it:
Glimmerglass is a story about faeries that is set in the world of Avalon which fascinates but doesn't overwhelm you. It's exciting, impossible to put down and pulls you into a world of politics, danger, love and the search for some normalcy that completely backfires.

When Dana Hathaway leaves her alcoholic mother to live with her father in Avalon, she didn't expect what happened to her. She finds out that she's a Faeriewalker. This means that she can enter both, the human world and the world of faerie. But since people like her are quite rare, she soon becomes pulled into a world of politics that could be deadly for her. Despite her situation, she is a lovely voice to listen to and it's great to know what she thinks about the things that are happening around her.

There are almost no quiet moments for Dana. Once she enters Avalon, people are trying to get her on their side - with manipulation or by force and often with Dana only realising belatedly the true motives of the people she meets. But despite some questionable motives, she also finds friends in some of those people who she can trust. Of course we are also introduced to the never-missing love interest and while Ethan and Dana's relationship didn't have an easy start, it definitely has potential and it will be lovely to observe how it will develop.

All in all, Glimmerglass is a fun and quick read which will show you a world that you will be eager to explore in a sequel.

The second novel of the series
was released on January 4th, 2011 by St. Martin's Griffin.

The third novel of the series
was released on July 5th, 2011 by St. Martin's Griffin.

Have you read Glimmerglass? What did you think about it?

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  1. It sounds really good. I love reading about fae and I do actually have the first two of this series on my shelf.


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