Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cover Comparisons #07

Living in Germany gives me the perfect opportunity to compare original covers with the ones German publishers choose. Sometimes they're gorgeous, sometimes they make me cringe, but it's always interesting to see different covers for the same novel.

Cover Comparisons is a weekly feature here at Fictional Distraction.

Matched by Ally Condie

Even though both covers are quite similar, I think that the original version is prettier. I just love how it seems like they're using the colors of the tablets (green for Matched, blue for Crossed, and maybe red for the third novel?) for the covers, because those are an important part of the story. I also like the very simple and centred placement of the font and the picture, because this as well seems to be a reflection of the order this dystopian society created.

Which version do you like better?


  1. This is a touch one, I quite like them both and I like that they kept the font for both editions. I think I prefer the German version, mostly because the picture is a little larger and there is blue in it...I love blue!

  2. I have had a copy of the German book and I have to say I do prefer the original version. And I agree with you, I think they'r going with the pills' colours :)

  3. Both covers are really pretty! I still haven't had a chance to read the book yet. I must get to it soon!

  4. I like the one on the right better. I just think the color combination is prettier and I like that the ball isn't exactly centered, but off to the left a bit. I like the other one, but that's definitely my favorite of the two. :)

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books


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